Season 6: A Look Ahead

A Look At What Is Coming Ahead.png

Hello beautiful friends! Season Six is about to kick off this week! We just finished edits for the opening episode. You are going to love it!

Before we launch this first episode, I wanted to let you know about a few things coming down the pike.

First, we are hosting several Makers & Mystics live events in select cities across the U.S. We will be in Phoenix, Denver, New York City, Frederick, Maryland and Durham, NC. Tickets for these events can be found here.

***Denver and Phoenix events have calls for artists to submit works for our gallery.

We will be adding excerpts from these live events to our roster of episodes. So cool! We just hosted a live recording in Charlottesville with The Farmhouse Community on "Art As Healing." It was an incredible time. Can't wait to share the audio!

The winners of our first annual Bright Wings poetry contest are listed here. The Grand Prize winner will be featured on the podcast coming up in Season Six to share her poem!

News for the 2020 Breath & Clay event will be coming very soon as well!

HINT: We are going to have some special ticket offers to our patrons only before the tickets go live.

Our Book Club will resume this fall as well. Details to come on that.

What an incredible summer it has been! I've enjoyed getting to know many of you and interacting with you. I look forward to continuing to build our creative community.

talk soon!


Stephen Roach