S4 E6: On The Art of Food with Julia Frey (Vikalinka)

Julia Frey is a London based food writer, photographer and blogger. After moving from Canada to the UK seven years ago with her husband and children, she was homesick and between jobs. In order to occupy herself and have a creative outlet, she started an online recipe journal called Vikalinka.

A few years later the online journal turned into a full-time job and allowed Julia to transition from teaching English to working for herself as a food writer and photographer. 

In this episode, Stephen talks with Julia about her inspirations, the art of food and how creativity extends beyond the fine arts into every aspect of life. 

Follow Julia's Food and Travel writing here.

Patrons of the podcast can enjoy an additional interview here. 

Music for this episode is provided by Benjamin James. You can follow Benjamin James on Spotify and The Music Bed

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