S3 E7: Cosmos In The Chaos with Abstract Artist Ty Nathan Clark


Ty Nathan Clark is a well-known abstract artist living and working in Waco, Texas. He is a devoted activist, writer, cinematographer, and philanthropist. His work is informed by an in-depth study of civil rights movements, literature, philosophy, and theology.

Ty’s art has been described as “parabolic” in nature, telling stories in visual representations of the human condition. He uses a variety of mediums and textures to create what has been termed a “dismantled imagery, representing the incomplete bits and pieces of personality and memories that make up each human being.” 

Currently, Ty is working on the completion of a documentary film titled, “Jump Shot” featuring Steph Curry and Kevin Durant which is set for release this year.

Patrons of this podcast can visit Patreon.com/makersandmystics for an additional interview with Ty on his work in the making of this film and further discussions of his creative process.

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