Close: adamah

Close : adamah 

There I lay on the grassless earth

            stillborn, had been alive only in womb,

            imagination’s womb, had only breathed in water

deep, chest full of deep water,

thirsty deep water 

like a black hole over my face

                        sucking up the color


and fat from under my cheeks.

            There I blended lifeless into the red

of the dust on me / in me / spilling out of my stomach

                             / in me / filling sacs in my lungs and

stinging like alcohol: will you

            press your hands down and

            pump it out of me?


There I waited for you to will my whole self 

            from the belly outward

into becoming body, into wrapping ligaments around my joints

like dewey webs linking twigs, 

bush-leaves too easily broken,

                            linking me to you, and the


laughter in your breath. In the moment

before you gathered me awake you gasped at the

timbre of my bones. Your eyes

            gleamed with joy like fragments

of the first blue moon / and their calm washed me


when your air flooded me. There I breathed

            close to you and raveled into existence,

            close to you and learned the joy of morning

               learned the first of growth / and you

stayed over me / became around me like silver steam 

                         / entered everything / 

You were so near that I could taste the dirt from 

your tongue when you

gave me my name

by Hanna Watson